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Angus Cattle

The Angus cow is renowned for her maternal traits, calving ease and ability to milk: producing a calf each year that more than exceeds half her body weight. Angus cows consistently deliver a calf that hits the ground running, with little assistance required, even in harsh calving conditions. Their mothering instinct is very strong, as is the calf's survival instinct.

Research demonstrates that Angus sires can be selected to produce progeny that have an increased ability to grade AAA without compromising feed effiency or animal growth, and without increasing yield grade at the expense of carcass quality.

Our cattle are registered with the American Angus Association and we use AI heavily in our breeding program to improve genetic performance. Our bloodlines include moderate framed, fast growing and easy fleshing cattle with excellent carcass traits and mothering ability.

Cotswold and Teeswater Sheep

Called the "poor man's mohair" Cotswold sheep produce a long stapled, highly lustrous curly lock. In addition to their dense, abundant fleece they are also prized for their mild meat, gentle temperment, excellent mothering instincts, feed efficiency, prolificacy and feed efficiency. While slower growing than modern commercial breeds, Cotswolds excel as a carcass sire and produce feed efficient, disease resistant lambs with excellent growth rates and flavor

Another rare breed English Longwool, the Teeswater shares many similarities with the Cotswold in terms of size, carcass quality and production capability. Their fleeces can grow to greater lengths with a finer purled structure and outstanding luster. Our Teeswaters are registered with the ATSA and we have taken some of our English AI sired Cotswold ewes and incorporated them into our foundation Teeswater lines to produce some new genetic lines.

Berkshire Hogs

Highly prized for their carcass qualities, Berkshires are the Kobe of the pork world. They are renowned for their tenderness, juciness, flavor and texture and while slower growing than commercial terminal cross animals, are definitely work the extra effort and wait.

Our Berkshires are registered with the American Berkshire Assn, and we focus on meat quality in addition to conformation and growth rates. Our animals are genetically tests stress negative and our herd boar has been tested for meat quality and feed efficiency. They consistently produce wide made, long heavy muscled pigs that perform well in the show ring as well as the pasture.

We produce litters twice a year: in the early spring to accomodate the summer fair season, and the fall. We also raise out a small number of weaners; pasturing them and feeding them locally grown grains and milk from our small herd of registered Jerseys. We occasionally offer these special animals for sale.

Heritage Poultry

We offer several breeds of heritage poultry including:

Our breeding stock was originally established from several premier flocks of breeders specializing in their respective breed. Our birds are free ranged and the best individuals are selected each year for the next years breeding. We sell hatching eggs, day old chicks and adult birds.

While we haven't pursued our NPIP certification our flock has been closed for a number of years, and we do not show as a matter of bio-security.