Our Products

We strive to produce high quality, all natural pastured chicken, pork, lamb and beef. We also occasionally have registered breeding stock available. Please contact us to check on availability of butcher animals or breeding stock.

Please visit our etsy store TalonFarmsWool for our Cotswold and Teeswater fiber products and fleeces.

Who We Are

Located in the heart of the Willamette Valley in western Oregon, we are a family owned farm with a focus on sustainable farming practices and the preservation of rare and heritage breed livestock.

We believe that livestock should perform as well in the field as they do in the show ring, and we endeavor to produce heritage animals that retain the characteristics that have made them traditionally valuable while still providing value in modern agriculture. We are fortunate to have a management system that allows us to put those characteristics to the test and focus on feed efficiency, gains and performance in a pasture setting with minimal supplementation. We put our animals feed efficiency, growth rates and mothering ability to the test.

  • Conformation, Feed Efficiency and Growth Rates
  • Temperment
  • Mothering Ability

An All Natural Approach

While commercial farming techniques provide for low input costs and high output, one of the main drawbacks is the significant sacrifice in quality.

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