Local, Natural, Sustainable

We put our products on our own table. Natural, sustainable and conscientious farming practices make up the core of our program. Our feeds are grown by local farmers who share our concern for our environment and our children.

While we don't focus on organic certification due to its cost and sometimes dubious benefit, our animals are not fed hormones or animal byproducts. We wouldn't want meat raised with hydrolyzed chicken feathers and we won't sell it either. [t

The Secret is in the Genetics

With the rise of commercial confinement operations, the farming practices of today bear little resemblence to the family farm of 100 years ago. As part of this cultural shift, big Agri-business has moved away from many of the heritage breed animals that had the genetic predisposition to perform well in less intensive pasture systems.

As more and more people are discovering thorough a renewed interest in these breeds, while the pale tasteless stuff marketed in the stores as pork has consistent rates of gain and feed conversion, they arent much for carcass quality or taste.

Our Berkshires carry a unique genetic code that allows them to produce rich, flavorful cuts of meat in a healthy, natural environment. Both our breeding stock and our feeder pigs are provided access to pasture and the opportunity to root and wallow and be pigs.